Learning in the lounge

Our learning in the lounge sessions are bringing warmth, encouragement and a sense of purpose to people living in supported-living in schemes.

The artist-led workshops are delivered in 6 or 12-week blocks and offer people the opportunity to develop new skills and revisit old accomplishments.

Currently running at schemes across Gateshead and Newcastle, we’ve been linking up with local schools for creative projects exploring woodwork, glass art, visual arts, dance and movement and ceramics.

“These sessions keep us going, and get us out the house. During Covid with Carol’s Alzheimer’s rapidly progressing, alone at home, we felt low and demotivated. The days seemed to just all roll into one and we longed to get back being with others in the lounge.
“The change in Carol is massive when we’re around other people.
"She gets a little bit twinkle in her eyes and loves the company of children. I can tell it gives her a buzz. For me, it’s a chance to be George. I come to the sessions as a carer, helping Carol into her seat, but then other people kind of lift the load. They sit with her, and work with her, and the kids just scoop you up and take you on a journey with them.” George, a carer from Wood Green

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