Creative Communication

This summer we've free creative training to support artists and those interested in working in care settings.

Over six workshops explore how imagination and creativity can support communication when working and supporting people living with dementia.

The training, supported by the Newcastle Cultural Investment Fund, will include shadowing opportunities, Dementia & Imagination training, business advice and support to develop skills and deliver creative activities in care.

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Dementia and Imagination Training

Join us for an interactive online workshop and explore how imagination can support communication with people living with dementia. Our small group training is ideal for creative practitioners and staff within cultural and community venues in contact with the public.

Our September 24 workshop is fully booked. The next training workshop will be in November. To register your interest email us on

Led by experienced arts practitioners, during the 2.5 hour session you will:

• Gain an understanding of the effects of dementia

• Recognise the value of an imagination approach to communication and delivery

• Explore user-led approachs to developing and delivering inclusive, dementia-friendly creative opportunities

• Understand the importance of multi-sensory exploration and how to address all five senses in workshops

• Explore the art of improvised story-telling to aid communication and stimulate imagination

• Trial new creative techniques to build confidence with time for reflection.



Recipes for Creative Care Training

The guide is a whole home approach and training is required to ensure the recipe cards are used to their full potential. Our training sessions can be delivered during staff meetings and cost £435, with five recipe card packs, each containing 33 resources, included.

Training includes: 

  • Evidence-base regarding how creativity is intact when cognitive functioning diminishes.
  • Suggestions for use of cards with people with different levels of dementia.
  • Exploring a multi-sensory approach to everyday life – how to connect without using words.
  • Time to reflect on how best to share the knowledge gained about individual residents.

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Gateshead's Creativity Ageing Network

Supported by the Tyne and Wear Care Alliance, our professional artists provide training sessions which deliver a whole home approach.

"I watch how they get everyone to take part. They start from the group and then invite the quieter people to give their views. It's very relevant, inspiring.” 

Our training builds on the workforce development project “Room for the Imagination” and enables care staff to learn creative communication skills from artists.

The aim of the our network is to spread good practice. We support activities co-ordinators and other care staff, highlighting the importance of creative activity in everyday life within care settings. The network helps build confidence, skills and creative approaches to enrich the lives of residents.

The creative sessions look at creative approaches involving music, dance, storytelling (TimeSlips model) and multi-sensory visual arts. We look at how to involve other local cultural organisations to support good practice including intergenerational work.

Activity provision and supporting participation is endorsed within the care standards framework and inspection processes in the UK. Engagement of older adults and adults with dementia in participatory arts can help improve cognitive functioning, communication, self-esteem, enjoyment of life, memory and creative thinking by providing opportunities for meaningful social contact. (Remington 2002, Holmes et al, 2006)

The Tyne & Wear Care Alliance are responsible for publicising the Network meetings to all the appropriate care homes, encouraging attendance and booking in attendees and supporting the events.

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