We are a registered charity with 25 years experience delivering arts and older people’s projects.

Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by helping older people participate in high quality arts activity.

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Our aims are:

  • to improve older people’s access to the arts
  • to help combat the isolation of older people through participatory arts projects
  • to work with partners to raise the status of the field
  • to support and train artists to ensure good practice

In response to a recent groundswell of interest and increasing levels of activity in arts and dementia, we have developed the Arts & Dementia Network to champion the role of the arts in dementia care and support artists and health and social care professionals working in the field.

Championing the role of the arts in dementia care.

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An exciting project which encourages older people to get involved in hen keeping as a way of reducing isolation and increasing health and well being.



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