These past five months our weekly group, the Carers' Cultural Adventures, has been taking a look at what makes our lives good and meaningful in older age

Teaming up with visual artist Michael Davies and creative writer Ceinwen Haydon, they set out build a book about ‘staying alive’. They looked at Text Art – how text with images or text as image has been used in both art history and contemporary art practice. Workshops followed in picture poems, box art, papiers collés and composite faces.

Working alogside Ceinwen, the group used Timeslips storytelling methods to co-produce stories and group poems. Group members have written extensively, and expressed themselves with sensitive, strong and increasingly confident voices.

She said: "It has been an absolute privilege to be invited to work with the Carers’ Cultural Adventures group, with their singular talents, insights and energy."

Sifting from the reservoir of rich and diverse content generated by the workshops; the group edited as individuals and in teams to compile a series of ‘chap books’- mini publications.

Our pop-up exhibition at the Shipley is a snapshot of all the work-in-progress involved in the many layers of creating a publication as a group.

Here are just some examples of their work from the past five months.

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